Quality and efficiency in every action.

We are a greenhouse gas validation and verification body (VVB) with extensive experience in conformity assessment. We bring together the best qualified auditors in one place, ready to provide a high quality and efficient service.

Who we are?

NOVA CERT is a Validation and Verification Body (VVB) of projects which reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions to the atmosphere. We bring together professionals with more than 16 years of experience and have worked in several international bodies. Together they have audited more than 600 projects for programs like CDM, VCS, CCB, GS, among others. They are distributed in every region in the Americas and Europe.

Our main objective is to provide an efficient service, without compromising the quality of our work in order to meet the program requirements and guarantee reliable and transparent emission reductions.

Thanks to our international agreements with different VVBs, we can provide validation and verification services for any GHG program anywhere in the world. Ask us about it.


Quality and efficiency in every action.

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+20 countries
Audited in Latin America, Caribe, North America, Europe and Africa.

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16 years
of average experience of our auditors.

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600 Projects
Validation and verification services for programs like CDM, VCS, CCB, GS, 600 projects, among others.

ANAB accreditation in progress.

Approved Validation and Verification Body by the

Federal Office for the Environment – Switzerland


Our Team
America’s most experienced and reliable auditors

NOVA CERT is a Validation and Verification Body (VVB) of projects which reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions to the atmosphere.

Our Validation and Verification process

1 > Request and review of information 2 > Proposal and agreement 3 > Team Assignment 4 > Notification to the program 5 > Document Review 6 > Audit plan 7 > Audit Execution 8 > Findings review 9 > Technical Review 10 > Final Approval 11 > Audit Opinion

> The client fills out a concise and simple template with general project information. NOVA CERT reviews the information and issues a quotation.

> The client receives the offer briefly after the request of information with a detailed explanation of the service. 

> The client receives the notification of the audit team. The client may object the proposed audit team.

> The VVB notifies the execution of the audit to the program, if applicable.

> The client submits the project information, and the audit team begins its first assessment. The auditor communicates with the client to coordinate dates and locations for the on-site assessment (or remote, if applicable).

> The client receives the audit plan, which contains the schedule to be carried out during the audit and the evidence to be checked.

> The audit team performs the remote / on site assessment and issues the findings report.

> The client resolves the findings, and sends the resolution to the team leader for his/her review and approval.

> An independent expert reviews the audit report and ensures the fulfilment of requirements.

The project and audit documents are submitted to final approval.

> The VVB submits final audit opinion and final audit report.

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